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Vision & Mission

Empowering individuals to improve their lives by encouraging entrepreneurship in retail business focusing in FMCG sector. Through this business model, individual is enabled to create additional income while providing side benefits for the consumer.

The Consumers’ Pain

Household disposable income is stagnant while cost of living keeps rising. As such, individuals need to find ways to increase their income. At the same time, cost of doing business, especially retail, is increasing.

Our Aim: Lower the cost of retail business AND provide an opportunity for individuals to earn extra income.

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Current Trends

There are many opportunities in the gig economy, such as ride hailing, goods delivery and part time gigs. But, there are no similar gig economy model in the retail business.

Market / Sundry Shop – investment in large quantity inventory, shop renovation

Hawker / Pasar Malam – different products (food, clothes, not FMCG)

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Our Solution

Using standee (micro-store format), named MINI-SHOP in selling Consumer Goods with additional benefits to both buyers and sellers at anyway, anywhere they like. The MINI-SHOP standee will be selling consumer goods from brands that are well- known in the market. The goods can even be consumed by the MINI-SHOP Partners at wholesale price. The transactions will be fully operated with the MINI-SHOP app.

Simply put, for every purchase from MINISHOP, the consumer gets to purchase at cheaper price and convenience – NEAR and SAVE.

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