Simply put, for every purchase from MINISHOP, the consumer gets to purchase at cheaper price and convenience – NEAR and SAVE.

Imagine Orcs is the sole owner of MINI-SHOP app featuring mobile trading platform with POS functionality. MINI-SHOP main feature is enabling individual to download, register and place order for the desired goods selection. Once the transaction is completed and the goods are delivered, the MINI-SHOP partner can start to sell the goods at anywhere they desired and starting to earn extra side income.

Mobile product catalogue

All products are featured within the MINI-SHOP app. View it anytime, anywhere.

POS system

The MINI-SHOP app covers Point-of-Sales (POS) functionality to cover buying and selling cycles.

Delivery Tracking

Product delivery can be tracked within the app ecosystem with one.

Mobile Wallet Payment Gateway

The MINI-SHOP app collaborates with leading mobile e-wallet.